Info for adults

Do I have to give my consent for my child to attend a course?

During the application process, parents/guardians are required to complete a form giving their consent for their child to participate in a course.


How do I apply to serve on a course?

Adults who wish to serve on a course must, as a minimum requirement, have successfully completed at least one ten-day Vipassana course as taught by S.N. Goenka.


Is it possible to organise a course in my area?

One-day courses can be organised at a suitable rented site such as a school, a community centre, a kindergarten or children’s camp.

A course venue should be quiet and removed from any other activities taking place in a given location. There should be space inside for meditation, somewhere for the students to eat, and a space for indoor creative activities. It is also good to have space, either indoors or outdoors, for games and physical activities.

The Children’s Course Committee will be able to provide volunteers to run a course.  

Participation in an Anapana course by the children should be voluntary.