Code of behaviour


In order to gain the benefits, which the regular practice of Anapana give, it is important to agree to adhere to the following code of behaviour. It will provide a strong foundation for your meditation.


  • I will abstain from killing

I promise to try to treat all beings kindly and not kill them or harm them in any way.

  • I will abstain from stealing

I promise to take only what is given to me and not take anything which belongs to others without permission.

  • I will abstain from misconduct

I promise to treat other boys and girls as if they were my brothers or sisters or best friends.

  • I will abstain from lies, harsh words, or backbiting, which might harm others

I promise to speak truthfully, kindly and gently, and not to say anything hurtful to and about others.

  • I will abstain from taking any intoxicant

I promise not to take any alcohol, drugs or intoxicants, but to keep my mind clear.