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Катина Аврамова в ОМ Йога Магазин - март 2018

Елена Мелнишка, в. Капитал: Да виждаш нещата каквито са - 22.08.2008

Да се учиш да обичаш - 2004

Мария Ацева:Випасана , Mария Ацева, Списание Осем

Випассана стр.1, стр.2 и стр.3

Георги Христов: Випассана ще спаси светастр. 1, стр. 2

Випассана - ключът за вратата към себе систр. 1, стр. 2


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Meditation Vacation, by Matthew Green

The guru looked troubled. A spry 75-year-old, who could have passed for 60, he usually wore an expression as pure as his ivory robe. Peering into my cell, he watched as I wept harder than I could remember, for a reason my mind could not fathom. www.ft.com, 6 Jan 2012

Ten days without talking | Life and style | The Guardian


Was it possible to survive 10 days of meditating in an Indian retreat without speaking, reading or making eye-contact with fellow guests

An interview with S.N. Goenka on the techniques of Buddhist Practice - Tricycle

Winter 2000 - S.N. Goenka was interviewed by Helen Tworkov.

Staring at Death, and Finding Their Bliss - OnlineThe New York Times

Sep 2007 -Article about the Vipassana Meditation courses held inside the highest level maximum-security state prison in Alabama, US.

Transcendental Incarceration - San Francisco Weekly Feb 2001

The first San Bruno Jail inmates to take part in an experimental meditation program say it has helped to free their minds, if nothing else.